Storms in 2017

Storm brings down houses and rips the roof off a local school:

There were huge storms along the lake shore this November (2017) which devastated many homes and ripped the roof off classroom blocks at the local school.

The SENTAFrica representative in Malawi, Yunusu Banda, was invited to the school to see the damage for himself.  The storm damage was not restricted to the school.  He writes:

“There was a heavy storm last evening that has blown off tin roofs at Thugulu School.  Two school blocks affected.  And in the community.  Close to 11 houses completely down while close to 21 houses have had their roofs blown away by the wind.”

As he surveyed the damage caused by the storms he could only comfort the victims with prayer and encouragement.

SENTAFrica supports the growth of interdependency and self-reliance, encouraging people to find the solution to regular problems themselves.  However, when disaster strikes those most severely affected need additional support.

SENTAfrica Response

SENTAfrica immediately sent a gift to enable Livingway Education respond to the crisis.  The LWE Director Yunusu Banda gathered a team including a senior chief and village head-men.  The meeting decided on a course of action that would lead to assistance being given to 116 families, two schools and eight churches.

On December 1st a gathering of local representatives met on the LWE site to distribute support packages.  Speeches were made by schools and church representatives, a representative of the beneficiary group and a local government official.  Two senior chiefs were able to preside over the proceedings.

District Council Emergency relief Coordinator explains the view of the District Council

The Schools’ representative addresses the group

GVH Khwidzi addresses the assembly

This group are happy to be going home now with a small gift from SENTAfrica.


Many could be helped a little but there is still much to be done. For many it was not just their houses that were damaged.   The storm damaged the crops in many people’s fields, tearing down trees and causing additional hardship.  It will take many hours of hard work to repair the damage and replant the crops necessary for the survival of the community.

Trees thrown down by the November storms

What SENTAfrica has been able to do is to show the community that it cares by offering a gift expressing our compassion.  It would be wonderful to be able to do more.

If you can help with a one-off gift – please:   donate  here